Keep Up with New Mattress Developments

Before purchasing the same mattress from the same brand the next time a replacement is required, consider some of the newer offerings made possible by innovation and science. Memory foam mattresses are available in many more materials, styles, and price ranges than ever before. If the perception remains that they generate heat and are expensive, take a closer look. The results will provide options for people who move around, sleep in any position, or wake up in pain.


Mattress manufacturers, some introduced over the last three to five years, have created systems, designs, and materials for which they hold patents. Natural Form mattresses include a patented support system that aligns the spine in any sleep position to alleviate aches, pains, and stiffness caused by pressure points. The Nectar memory foam mattress includes a layer of patented LushFoam for added comfort and durability. Purple mattresses have a smart grid design for excellent motion isolation.

These innovations, among others, offer new sleeping experiences, are of high-quality, and are affordable. Many choices and alternatives to the traditional box spring and mattress beds available today were not on the market when that old mattress was selected. Take the time to explore this new info and discover something different.


Several studies have indicated that people in chronic pain sleep better and wake to little or no pain on a medium firm mattress rather than a harder surface. An ergonomic mattress that has medium support relaxes the muscles and promotes proper sleep posture. Memory foam is the ideal material to provide the right support all night long for virtually uninterrupted sleep.

Amerisleep AS2 is a mattress made in America of a plant-based memory foam. The final product is very responsive to changes in body position while sleeping. Saatva has an innerspring that in included among the layers of memory foam. This supports the foam that supports the body for consistently high performance.

Helix makes mattresses that are customized differently on each side to accommodate the needs and preferences of each partner. Micro-coils, natural latex, and memory foam combine to provide support, comfort, and durability. When customers order this brand, a representative contacts them to ask a few questions regarding sleep needs. The mattress arrives specifically adjusted for both of you to sleep in comfort.

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